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Gear system solutions

You have a concept for a gear or tooth gearing?

Laudenbach Formtechnik offers you the optimum system-solution as gear producer system provider (GPS).

For every stage of manufacturing process.

From customized development or material management, production and logistics to series production. Fully developed, innovative, flexible and reliable.

Whether you use our expertise in the entire production chain or just at certain points - you can always rely on our strengths as system manufacturer, also during the series production of your product.  

Process optimized - from the start.

All departments and processes at Laudenbach are constantly coordinated. Construction, development, production, management, logistics - everything is linked with each other.
Therefore, the company BECHTLE has developed a specially adapted company-software, according to our requirements. This software, which includes all divisions, guarantees the necessary transparency as well as an efficient production management and therewith optimized business processes right from the start.

Individual support

Short paths guarantee an exceptionally personal support.
This starts with the consultation and continues in every phase of cooperation.

Technological diversity

All necessary technologies are consolidated at Laudenbach Formtechnik.

Whatever your tooling, gearing, toothing, injection-moulded housing, technical part, assembly, metal-working or quality assignment is:

At Laudenbach Formtechnik, you receive the entire solution from one single source.

Thanks to our flexible organizational structure, we are able to use extensive internal interfaces and various expertises.

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