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System solutions from one source

Curiosity is the beginning of everything...

Without curiosity, there are no inventions. Without inventions no progress.

Without curiosity, our children would be unable to develop themselves and without children, we would not have any future.

Unlimited curiosity is an essential characteristic of Laudenbach Formtechnik.

This is what our technological lead and our technological diversity is based on - the key advantage of Laudenbach Formtechnik.

Gears, toothing parts, injection-moulding parts, housings - technical parts, metal parts, tools, developments, units, robot technology, logistics: We are able to produce complete systems for you.

As gear-producer and system service provider (GPS), we support you throughout the entire production chain:

From the customized development and construction at the beginning, over prototype and series production, robot technology including logistics and material-management.

You may certainly use our competence for the production of single components and the assembly of units as well as for devices and entire systems.

Only your requirements determine how far our vertical range of manufacture goes.

History - "milestones" towards system service provider
Laudenbach was founded August 27. in 1981 as a construction office for tools and machines and consistently developed into a producer of injection-moulds in the premium segment with a company injection-moulding for series production.

A special focus is laid upon toothing and gearing.

One of the teachers concerning gear engineering was Helmut Hirn. He was one of the first to make gears literally run on the screen. He had the vision to design a plastic-suited tooth.

The numerous years of research with him in the field of customized gears form the basis for profound expertise knowledge in the area of gearing.  Several patent applications and the "Hirn-KISSsoft" software were achieved as a result. It is an excellent tool for a reliable toothing calculation.

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