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Precision without compromise.50 years of experience in injection-mould and die making, in construction and production

With Laudenbach, you have a partner for your mould order that not only ensures a prompt release. At your request, we also start up production for you, using your moulds on the premises e.g., we take on the entire series production. If necessary, we can implement changes and extensions to the moulds quickly and flexibly during manufacturing process.

Conical fittings and extreme tolerances are also requirements for long life and downtime. Therefore, we only use high quality and fully hardened moulding steel for forming parts and inserts. Our comprehensive range of experience in design and construction is at your disposal to guarantee a successful series production. We offer the entire process and production chain right from the start.

Figure 1:
This injection-mould requires the highest degree of precision.
The concentricity and the axial run-out to the wheel via these tiny bearing teeth as well as the low tolerances necessitate high-precision work.

Figure 2:
A cost-efficient prototype mould for a gear housing with concave tooth gearing for zero series.

Figure 3:
A very complex serial tool for an extraordinary complex moulding part made of "PEEK" with 13 inserts used in aviation.

Figure 4:
4-fold housing tool with hot melt for automotive industry or automotive. High-grade tool steel is used in this application. Excellent conical fit and guidance guarantee a very high and maintenance-free operational reliability and a lifelong output quantity.

Figure 5:
2-fold 3-plate sliding tool for a rotor wheel.

Many years of experience is necessary to guarantee and close a process chain from construction to PPAP parts. We do not leave any single step to chance. It is an enhancing process. Experiences are always contributed into the process. This is only possible if the reaction time to each single situation is small. This is the key to first-class injection-moulding tools.

Figure 6 + 7:

View of our tool shop, assembly and maintenance of tools

Figure 8:
View moulding post of 2-fold planetary wheel helical-toothed.

Figure 9:
View Moulding post of sliding tool 1-fold engine flange

Figure 10:
View moulding post of sliding tool 1-fold planetary carrier

tool and die components

Tool inserts are also offered as service.
Some examples:

Figure 11:
Insert crown gear.

Figure 12:
Insert for planetary gear.

Figure 13:
Mould core for rotor wheel

Figure 14:
Mould core for worm gear with inboard slide switch

Figure 15:
Mould core for rotor wheel helical-toothed

Figure 16:
Electrodes are archived.
Thus, replacement parts can be manufactured easily later.

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