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Injection-moulded parts

Mouldings in best form…
Own injection moulding shop for serial parts made of technical injection moulding

Broad experience in the production of high quality components, tools and special plastic fabrics.
High level of production reliability by the use of state-of-the-art robot technology.
Closed cooling systems.
Free of dust.
No regranulation at the machine.
Production of high volume series.
Injection-moulded parts from 0.1 g – 350 g.

Figure 1:

The wheel gearing has a module of 0.16. The bearing journal has approx. the same diameter as a pin. This filigree wheel belongs to a gearing system used in a water meter.

Figure 2:
Here you see a small excerpt of our extensive programme: bevel gears, spur gears, straight- and helical-toothed. Our programme also includes worms and worm gears. For us, both are an everyday occurrence.

Figure 3:

Housing for a 120-pin connector. The challenge was to fulfil the mandatory precision of the tool. A slide function as well as constructive solutions was necessary to meet the high quality requirements for the cut-throughs for the pins and their tolerances on the injection-moulded part and to guarantee a trouble-free production run.

Figure 4:

Rotor wheel and toothed belt for a mixer used in the appliance industry. The requirement for an unimpaired result concerning noise and performance was an optimal design and a precise rotation of the rotor wheel gearing.

Figurel 1
Figure 2
Figure 3  
Figure 4  
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