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Quality Assurance + Validation
Quality control measuring station for a guaranteed consistent quality.

This is what the name Laudenbach stands for: Wherever the highest quality standards are required - at Laudenbach they are not only measured, documented and archived but also met.

Figure 1:
Statistical process control is for our customers and us the guarantee for achieving a consistent quality on high standard.

Figure 2 and 3:
Two-flank shift test device for permanent series test

Figure 4:
Diametrical roll dimension test device.

Figure 5:
Customized toothing used in the drive of the Mercedes´ wiper.

Measuring in Space
"measuring in space" 3D-measuring at Laudenbach

3D measuring opens us further possibilities in the range of "measuring in 3D space" - e.g. 3D-mouldings, free form surfaces in the electrode production and certainly also in the optimization of gear components or with other technical plastic components.

In the tooth-gearing sector, this would be e.g. the measuring of a gear-tooth profile at a plastic wheel, which may lead to a resulting optimization of the tooth insert. By using a series of tests and measurements, optimized tooth inserts become necessary.

Laudenbach 3D measuring is cross-linked with 3D Solid Works Software. This makes a three dimensional optimization of the toothing possible at any time.

4- speed gearbox test rig

On our test gear following tests are performed:

Life - torque - angle play - twist - Low temperature down to -40 ° C - High Temperature up to +180 ° C - Humidity and program operations.

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Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5
Measuring in 3D space 1
Measuring in 3D space 2
Measuring in 3D space 3
Measuring in 3D space 3

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